• Streaming Live video

    Come visit us on twitch to see high quality video and audio. Our DJ's are live throughout the day every day!
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  • Our DJ's SkillLevel

    Together As One Radio prides itself in selecting fresh talent but also giving everyone the same oppertunity no matter what skill level you are at.
    You will be more than welcome to join our team and build your knowledge and fan base!
  • Technical Support Setup To Steam

    We have very experianced staff whome will help you get started. You would need the basics, B.U.T.T to stream to our shoutcast and OBS or other video broadcasting software if you wanted to stream video. Once you have these programs out tech support will help you get everything setup to stream in no time, and at absolutly no cost to yourself, only some of your precious time.
  • Set times Your Choice

    Here at Together As One Radio, we like to offer a variety of set times to work around your life, whether its family life, or work life, we will try anc get you a slot that works for you! This includes various styles of sets, from 1 hour or 2 hour slots, in weekly bi-weekly or monthly occurances..
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  • Professional Shoutcast

    We host our own Shoutcast Server. We maintain all updates during non peak times to ensure that our server is always online for our listeners!
  • Mobile Optimised

    Our website is 100% optimised for all devices. We recommend turning your mobile device's landscape to get best results!
  • Dedicated Chatroom

    We have a dedicated chatroom, with Twitch video. No need to signup, no need for making accounts just to talk to our DJ's, just choose a name and chat away!
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